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Sounds Like Her

(2003, DV, 3’) Experimental / Three Screen Video Installation. Arts Council England.

Inspired by early TVs which sent sound and image separately, this film uses one soundtrack to accompany three separate visual stories. The visual material describes everyday actions in the lives of one woman over three ages: a young girl, a young woman and an older woman. The sound and the ordinariness of their activities binds their humanity.



  • Images Festival, Toronto, Canada (2004)

  • DNET/The Lux, RCA, London (2003)

  • VIPER Film and Video Festival, Basel, Switzerland (2003)

  • MadCat Women’s International Film Festival, San Francisco, USA (2003)

  • E-Phos Festival of Film and Video, Athens, Greece (2003)

  • Raindance East Film Festival, London (2003)

  • Montecatini Terme Short Film Festival, Italy (2003)

  • Floating Film Festival, London (3 screen/barge installation on R. Thames) (2003)

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