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Miss Russia

(2005. DV. 13’) - Drama.

Arts and Humanities Research Council funded. In association with University of Exeter/London Film School.

In the deep South West of England, middle-aged Gary falls in love on the Internet. When Yulia comes to visit him of the first time, their online personas gradually erode and their real-life identities are put to the test.  A drama about a search for intimacy, the resulting disappointments and the awkward beginnings of acceptance.



  • Canada, USA exclusive distribution deal, Ouat Media, Toronto (2009)

  • Emden Film Festival, Germany (2007)

  • Barbican Arts Centre, BITE season, London (2006)

  • Santiago International Short Film Festival, Chile (2006)

  • St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, Canada (2006)

  • Floating Film Festival, London (2006)

  • Virgin Media, Mini Movie Channel (2006)

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