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(2015. HD. 12’) - Comedy Drama. In association with University of Exeter/London Film School.

Starring Therese Bradley, Neil Ditt and Jonny McPherson.

40-something Melanie wants a baby but her actor boyfriend, Andy, is stalling. At a fancy-dress party, the arrival of an old friend provides a chance for Melanie to take matters into her own hands. A story of the hopes and fears surrounding modern parenthood set in East London.



  • Medff, Italy (2017)

  • Roma Cinema DOC, Italy (2017)  

  • Best Film Awards, Romania (2017)  

  • Bucharest Film Awards, Romania (2017)  

  • VoxFeminae Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (2015)  

  • Visionaria, Italy (2015)  

  • Dublin International Festival of Short Film and Music, Dublin, Ireland (2015)  

  • London Short Film Festival, London (2015) 

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